Welcome to Horbaly Orthodontics!

Dr. HorbalyThank you for visiting the website of Horbaly Orthodontics with offices located in Charlottesville, Palmyra and Dillwyn, Virginia. My team and I will work hard to earn your trust. We never take for granted our responsibility to provide you with up to date information that enables you to make an educated and informed decision regarding your orthodontic treatment needs. As a dual trained specialist (Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics) I have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly evaluate your orthodontic needs and make a recommendation based on current scientific evidence. Just about everyone has some orthodontic problems that could benefit from treatment. The question is do these problems need to be corrected? And if so, what is the appropriate age or time to initiate treatment so that you obtain the best, most stable result in the shortest amount of treatment time? Because current research shows that there are very few instances where a young child requires early orthodontic treatment, rarely do I make a recommendation for treatment during the initial evaluation appointment. I will, however, educate you about the problems that do exist and inform you as to when is the best time to start treatment. Patients who do not require immediate treatment are re-evaluated (no charge) every six months to ensure that the appropriate time for starting treatment is not missed. Properly planned orthodontic treatment can reduce the need for multiple phases of treatment which not only minimizes financial costs, but also reduces costs associated with time missed from school or work. In the end, our patients benefit from effective, efficient and stable orthodontic treatment and of course a great smile!

We at Horbaly Orthodontics respect the financial and time commitments associated with orthodontic treatment and value your trust in us. We look forward to meeting you and welcome the opportunity to help you navigate the orthodontic evaluation process.