"My name is Mandy Garceau and I am the mother of Sarah and Shawn Garceau. Both of my kids have been seeing Dr. Horbaly and his staff for several years now. Dr. Horbaly has been so great to me and my kids along with all of his helpful staff. We started off our treatment in Charlottesville, Virginia where both kids had there braces put on. Now, with months into treatment we are able to be flexible and they come to the Dillwyn office once a month for fittings. They have always been easy to schedule and be seen close to home instead of driving back and forth to Charlottesville once a month."

"With Sarah she is now finished with her treatments, but it was AMAZING to see how all of it worked out. Sarah had teeth everywhere and every which away but just seeing what Dr. Horbaly and his staff did was AMAZING. I am just amazed at the beautiful smile my daughter has. All coming from the hard work of Dr. Horbaly and his staff."

"With Shawn he is still currently in treatment but it has been another AMAZING turnaround for him as well."

"Dr. Horbaly and his staff are great!!!" - Mandy G, November 2019

"Dr. Horbaly has seen my daughter since she was 2 years old, she is now 16 and has just finished treatment. Let me just say we could not be any more pleased, he promised me that she would have an amazing smile when he finished with her and he did not disappoint!! She was born with a cleft lip and I always worried about her smile and even more about her teeth as they had issues, Dr. Horbaly, Christy and staff were exceptional with handling me and my nerves and did excellent work with my daughter!! We drove an hour away just to see this office and never once did I ever have to come early for something broken. I have two more daughters that will need orthodontic care and this is definitely where we will be coming!! You just can’t go wrong with this office from the office staff, to the ortho assistants, Christy and Dr. Horbaly, this is where it’s at!!!"Paige W, November 2019

"I wanted to share something that happened today, as a 24 year old "graduate" of braces from Dr. Horbaly. I had braces for two years in middle school and have worn my retainer every night since I got them off 10 years ago. Today, I had a regular hygiene check with my dentist and he complimented me saying "whoever did your orthodontic work did a really great job." So I just wanted to share that ten years later, I am still reaping the benefits of my beautiful smile that Dr. Horbaly gave me. Thanks!"Katie W, October 2019

William G. Horbaly, D.D.S., M.S., M.D.S.

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